Camera Set Up To Record and View Jobs

What’s everyone setting up for cameras on your Glowforge? I have a GoPro that my kids never use and am thinking of setting it up to hang from above my machine to record straight down, or off to an angle on the side to record. Does anyone have photos of camera rigs that they set up with theirs?

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This is what I use. It’s okay. Nothing to write home about. I use it just to make sure there is nothing wrong. Not for beauty shots. It’s nice because the stand let’s us point it nearly straight down.

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Please be aware that there are too many users who have taken their attention off the Glowforge for a few seconds and have come back to a serious fire. There was a video posted last year where the GF went from fine to damaged in less than 30 seconds. Even if you have a video camera, please do not use the Glowforge unattended. You need to be able to hit that stop button and take action very quickly in the event that a fire breaks out.


Thanks Ben. Totally agree, I don’t ever get away from the machine. I just don’t want to always hold my phone. I’d like to set up a rig to do that piece for me and then figure out how to get my videos uploaded to my Google Drive from that setup vs. me doing it manually off my iphone.

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People have talked about this, Wyze was a strong contender.

Read through these threads for more discussion.

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I use a Wyze here:

and get this view when cutting:

but yeah, literally just so I don’t have to stay standing for the whole cut - I’m always in the same room.

The camera came with a magnetic circle, you can see just the edge of it in the picture:


That’s really cool @deirdrebeth, thanks for sharing. I give my customers the option to get a social media pack which provides photographs of their product being built in various stages and in finished form that they can use to post on their socials but I’d like to offer video too.


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