Camera Trace

Glowforge Pro.

I have a simple outline i’m trying to have the machine trace. Drawn on white paper with dark lines to allow for as much contrast as possible. I have gone over it several times and have been doing this for hours. I cannot get a full trace. Hell, the camera can’t even read the QR codes on the proofgrade material. I’ve cleaned the lens’s. This is driving me nuts.

I also have issues after positioning the art and am ready to roll it suddenly says art is not found or something like that. No matter how many times I adjust the art or reposition it to be in the printable area it doesn’t change.

So disappointing for something that should be so easy and straight forward.

Any thoughts on the camera issues?

Place it under the lid camera for scanning. If you have skipped areas in the scan results you can use the Up and Down arrow keys on the keyboard to increase and decrease what gets captured.

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Also, sometimes I’ve noticed that the led lights can blow out the exposure and cause you to lose contrast. Try moving the original to a different spot. And glossy substrates don’t trace well for the same reason. You could cover the original with a matte transparent sheet to see if it helps.

Regarding the Art not found: you’ll get that message if you are using non-Proofgrade material, until you choose some settings for one of your operations.

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