Camp swag necklaces

It’s time to make camping swag again!

A week or so ago, I went with some campmates to the Renwick Gallery, (which is part of the Smithsonian) in Washington DC. The Renwick is currently hosting an “Art of Burning Man” exhibit. Highly recommended. Inspiring. Free! (In case you are wondering, my camp is called Balls Camp. We favor Ball Gowns.)

I saw a trinket there that inspired me to make a more complex necklace for camp swag than I have in the past. Not saying the design won’t continue to evolve, but I’m pretty happy with it. . .and I’m starting to wonder what an acrylic version would look like. . .also it’s a good use of little quarter sized scraps of proofgrade maple leftover from other projects.


Oh, lovely! You did a great job on that—should be popular swag.


Nice re-purpose for an expensive dress also…

Looks like fun afternoons


Very nice! Love the little prancing ponies! (Or are they undercover unicorns?) :thinking: :wink:

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At first I thought you made that giant, amazing lamp and I was like… woah!!! ok… hmmm… well… she could if she … … . but then that means… but you can’t… oh, but maybe I can if I … … and then my brain froze up


Hah, yes - those Renwick Geometric lanterns are awesome. More info on the artist duo and more lanterns at - I’ve been gaga over them for years now. They are laser cut steel I believe, and amazingly beautiful. I hope some day I’ll make some of my own lanterns inspired by these.

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They are Ponies! Yay, peopel can tell they are ponies! I wasn’t sure if people could tell what were supposed to be (who didn’t already know they were supposed to be ponies). The events totem animals are the wild ponies from Assateague Island.