Can anyone help with creating a living hinge?

Is there anywhere I can get directions to create a living hinge?

Inkscape has a living hinge extension.


Search is your friend:

Dig in, it’s all been discussed before.


I did and cannot see any details on how to create the hinge. Do you have any suggestions where to find the info?

You’re going to need to be more specific in what you need then. If you are using Inkscape there is an extension that will create a basic one. That search leads you to a bunch of examples. A living hinge is just a bunch of tiny cuts in wood that allow it to bend without breaking it - if you want to design your own then you’re going to need to try some things and see what works - if you want one created for you, then you’re going to need to either use the Inkscape extension, or one of the other generators linked in the discussions linked above.

What exactly are you looking for help with?

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Here’s a more specific search, for “living hinge generator”:

There are a few threads in there that seem to cover it, this one in particular:


The more information you can give us about the project you want to create, the better we can help.

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For inspiration you might also look at this box generator. It has a section with living hinges that might be a good starting point!

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Have to be that guy. I have seen longevity problems with living hinges.
Nice to look at and large cool factor, but if flexed a lot they tend to fail.
Incorporating one in a fixed design for the curved edge aspect works best, since it is glued in and not being manipulated.

Just my opinion. Your mileage may vary. (shields up, Scotty - or was it Sulu?)

image Long term option.

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We’re the same guy:

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