Living hinge prototype success

Found the free file for living hinge book. I tried it first on chip board made it smaller and it worked. The GlowForge is amazing !!!


Nice job on that!

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Nice engrave … nice project.

Beautiful piece! I especially like the mandala design :heart_eyes: Are you going to make it a box or book cover or… :upside_down_face:

For inkscape users I have a plugin which creates a variety of living hinges. If you want it send me a PM


That’s great! I am starting to love living hinges!

Ooh - yes please :slight_smile:

thanks :blush: i was surprised how nice the mandala came out on the chip board. im gonna make just mandala pendants and seal it with resin

Check out some of the posts from the first years of the forum. There are some great ones discussing living hinges, sources for them and how to make them.

I think the locking of old posts is a detriment to keeping the collective wisdom aware of all the amazing resources that are in this forum. They actually seem to be quite useless in some ways if they don’t get the attention of newer users.

Always good to be reminded.


i did do a search on here found the link i was so happy it actually worked. just got the link for a plug in inkscape living hinges excited to see if i can get thst to work too😊

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Let me know if there are issues with the living hinge extension from Inkscape. It works well but needs some testing.

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Thank you for your willingness to share. I am very interested in trying this out if you are still offering!!

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Hello! I’m fairly new to GF and Inkscape. Wondering if you are still sharing plug in for living hinges? It’s something I’m interested in trying.


I haven’t upgraded to Inkscape 1.0.1 yet and am not sure about living hinge extensions at this time for Inkscape.

Looks like the most common one has been updated:★living-hinge-creator works great for generating living hinges of all kinds. You can then import the SVG into Inkscape and customize as needed.


I’d love to try it!

Mine isn’t working on the latest inkscape, I might get back to it at some point, but no promises
They made some really significant changes in the exact area the hinge generator uses and it took me ages first time round

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