Can anyone ID this engraveable metallic sticker material?

This photo shows a stainless steel scoop to which is adhered a metallic sticker with black laser engraving marks on it. Can anyone ID the material?

Here’s another image that shows the sticker material on a black background. You get a better look at the surface texture.

I would love to find this stuff. Any ideas? The guy who manufactures these stickers mentioned “the material used is a thin two-ply plastic about 8mil thick” but that and the fact that he lives in Germany is all I know.

Edit: It looks similar to TroLase Lights but I cannot find any decent pictures of the Brushed Silver version. Also I cannot find anywhere to buy it save Trotec themselves, who will only sell it in 10 sheet packs. At least, that is all I could find…


Looks incredibly similar to the brushed aluminum/silver engraving acrylic from inventables as well.

maybe this stuff?


Ooh, good find, that looks promising.

@anticzcom I think all the Inventables stuff is a lot thicker, I didn’t see any sticker-like material there.

Irritating that they don’t tell you what shipping is. I said “screw it” and went for it.

Of course, they don’t even tell you what the shipping will be THEN. I’m totally at their mercy, they have my card info and I guess we’ll just see. This is the most anti-consumer way to handle this, grr. We’re probably not their typical customer, they seem more setup for B2B,

My $30 of materials incurred $27 shipping. The pieces are 12x24 but are very thin and the package would be very light. Shipping charges would probably be murder on anything heavy.

Hard to say. I would imagine they charge shipping based on volume, dimensional weight will almost certainly outstrip any actual mass we’re shipping here.


Ah, Kelly from BF plastics reached out to me (I put in my comment that I wasn’t happy that they didn’t preview the shipping costs, so I guess they took special care with me).

My order was for one sheet of engravable sticker, shipping was via USPS for $10.

Interestingly, USPS was not in my dropdown of shipping options on the order form. Excellent customer service.

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A couple hundred miles incurred $20.87 shipping for 20 sheets of 12x24 plastic. 14.9lbs. Arrived in one day. Got an invoice by email but nothing during the order process.

This is kinda close:

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Just to add another source to this, the Rowmark Flexi* materials come in multiple thicknesses. Here are the Johnson Plastics links:

Rowmark Flexibrass .004"
Rowmark Flexibrass .020"

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There is a type of duct tape used in HVAC work that is made from aluminum, I’ve used it for many years to put a metallic coating onto things for either form or function.

If I can find my roll (it’s not cheap so I’ll not be buying more soon), I’ll see if I can engrave onto the surface.

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This is probably the same as Trotec’s TroLase, but you might also look at:

Gravograph’s store does have some interesting items, but a little pricey.

Good find, thank you. Weirdly I cannot get their site to display prices in Chrome, had to fall back to Edge… $14 for 12" x 24" of sticker material is a little hard to swallow, but they have a great selection of colors.

I got some samples from Trotec and they may do the trick, but the more materials options, the better!

I purchased aluminum ‘Asset tags’ for my day job, but generally the supplier would serialize them for you. I know that my supplier purchase blanks from Zebra, maybe ask them to make a suggestion?

Another way you can do it is buy very thin sheets sheets and use 3M 300 LSE 9495B double sided sticky sheets (this stuff is super strong). It’s the same stuff that comes on the proofgrade veneers

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