Can Anyone Identify This Wood?

I’m trying to find out what this wood is. It looks like just three plies: a central core that seems like solid wood sandwiched between two veneers of either birch or maple. It’s about .21" thick. It’s very lightweight and strong, and it cuts like butter on my 45 watt GlowForge (Power=Full, Speed=170.)

The sample I have is from a wooden postcard. I have tried researching solid core plywood, veneer plywood, etc., but I’m not coming up with anything.

If anyone could give me some clues, it would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe-- Gum?

Thanks Userk999. I’m wanting to know if there is a specific name or category for this type of plywood. As I mentioned, it seems to be a solid wood core with veneer on the face and on the reverse.

Not maple, and probably not birch but there are several possibilities. All the gum I have worked with has stringy fibers that I would need it in my hand to tell. Hickory as the brown and white areas like that but so do other woods as is poplar though popular usually has a greenish tint

Hi I think it’s plywood with mdf core. Denser than normal ply but you should be fine cutting it.
Stick a nail in the core you will see if it’s wood or mdf.

I broke a piece and you can definitely see strands of a solid wood core. Not MDF.

Google balsa plywood; it’s a thing and it looks like it could be a match.

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The core is likely basswood as most regular types are. You can see the grain in the first picture so I knew it was not MDF.

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