Can aura cut construction paper?

Can aura cut construction paper? What settings for the non proof grade paper can I use? Or is the paper not recommended?


Absolutely! You should probably start with the 80 lb cardstock settings in the Proofgrade dropdown menu, and do a little test cut. If that doesn’t cut all the way through, switch to manual settings and start reducing the speed a little at a time until it consistently cuts through. You can save these manual settings so you can use them again anytime you cut construction paper in the future.


Adding to what @cynd11 said, on the Aura & Spark the color of the construction paper may make a difference, especially if your design includes crease/fold lines. Cutting is usually straightforward, but testing is very important. Luckily, construction paper is inexpensive. :sunglasses:


When it comes to cardstock in the Aura, I’m finding that thickness makes more difference than color. Your mileage may vary.


And I don’t recommend stacking sheets of paper. Cut them 1 piece at a time.

Never leave the laser when cutting paper.


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