Can GF cut and design photobooth props that are big as 36x24 or smaller?


I know many people have stated you have to use the right acrylic in the Glowforge. What about size? Is it possible for the GF to cut and design this? The size is 36x24.

I run a photobooth business and my clients always as for this, one for Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.


You may be able to do it in pieces and glue them together? But it’s not big enough to do in one pass.

(I also run a small photo booth business alongside my photography business!)


No the gf basic will have a working surface of 12x20 and the pool 20xinfinity(with proposed pass through). However maybe your design could be in multi part and assemble


This is a question I think we should be able to answer, but information is sparse and scattered at the moment.

As @Clone mentioned, the Pro model of Glowforge has a cut area of 12x20", so with that you should be able to do objects 20" wide by ∞" long. So, 36x20" should be quite doable with a Pro Glowforge.

Many machines have a bed that’s larger than the cut area, so it’s possible that there will actually be some extra room for larger material. For instance my non-Glowforge laser cutter, which has a cut area of 12x24", has a little extra room on each side (about 2" on the left and right, about 1" in the back, and about 0.5" in the front). Larger material, maybe up to 13.5x27.5", could be shoehorned into if it was absolutely necessary. Maybe there’s a similar amount of extra room in the Glowforge… we may not know for certain until Glowforges start being delivered.


Have to point out the 3x5 blocks. I guess that printing some using layers of acrylic with the Glowforge will be possible. Would be interesting check for tolerances.


Just out of curiosity, if you made this out of acrylic how heavy would it be? And how sturdy? Like, if someone drops it, would it break?

Maybe there are benefits to them being just cardboard and paper?


Those are pretty simple things, just get some plywood and a jigsaw. :wink:


LOL!!! I will send you the cardboards and you can get started on 100 of them.


I’ll PM you my address. :blush:


Sorry for the confusion. The handheld ones are strong and I thought it was acrylic. I just learned it’s PVC which can’t be used. These larges signs I posted are cardboard. Sorry for the confusion.


Maybe whiteboards? Admin could remove this. Not trying to advertise or anything. But these are the small ones. Heavy whiteboards or corrugated cardboard could work.


WOW!! Now that’s awesome! Do you have props?


Haha, yeah, but nothing special. Dollarstore props, mainly. Nothing fancy. :stuck_out_tongue: