Can Glowforge cut record album silhouettes?


Vinyl gives fumes dangerous to you and to the machine. :frowning:

Sadly @jacobturner’s correct, vinyl is on the no-fly list.


As I suggested in a similar topic: you could however cut a stencil or jog out of a safe material eg. Acrylic and then use that to draw onto or if done properly hand cut onto it using a dremill or jigsaw etc.

Alternatively a stencil mask cut via the forge and then acid etch(won’t cut though and might be weird with the grooves, never tried it on a vinyl record) but could look good.

You could also “create” the record on the Glowforge with a piece of black acrylic. I’ve seen patterns and there are scripts out there that will take a song and generate a cut file. It could give you the look without destroying a record. Also I think it’s possible to make them playable.


that is definitely something to look into… though I doubt it will play after the silhouette has been cut out :wink:

Here you go check out this Instructables about it. Its crazy that they actually play. I mean its not great but hey its done with LASERS!


I was thinking of doing this too, but didn`t know about the fumes either. The black acrylic idea is brilliant!

I have got to remember to do this for a couple people I know for bands they’ve been in.

Somehow this never got cross linked to another thread. What about 78s?