Can Glowforge engrave glass for kitchen cabinets

I tried searching for a similar topic, can’t find it.

I want to engrave glass panels that are cut to go into the doors of kitchen cabinets. These panels are no more than 20" wide, but can be much longer, so the pro is the ticket here.

Is there a coating you can put on the glass to allow it to be engraved with a pattern? I assume you can’t engrave it by itself… since it’s glass.

Laser engravers can engrave glass. The results you get vary depending on the type and surface coating of the glass.

Check out this Glass engraving.... cutting?
It Can engrave glass. The examples are the spice jars in the samples. I would like to see how it works with a sheet of ordinary window glass or a picture frame glass sheet.

I find glass laser etching can give mixed results if you’re doing a large rastered image. Depending on your intended design, you could make a set of stencils once on the glowforge, and use them to acid etch your cabinet glass - it would probably be a lot quicker.


That sounds like a good idea actually…
I’m going to assume that the glowforge could easily cut the stencil pattern.

I’m not sure how fine of details you could etch that way though. I doubt you could etch a picture or scene… But patterns, for sure.

Yes, stencils wouldn’t be an issue. And yes, you’d have difficulty rendering a photo with that. Forgive me for this, though - I really don’t think photos on kitchen cabinet glass would look very good.

Hehe… okay, you have me there!

I was extending the question to other types of glass…i.e. a glass picture.

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Pretty much any other material would be better for a picture. Glass engraves very shallow and only slightly white. Other materials can engrave black or dark or even engrave deeper to render the pictures detail better

Keep in mind that most of the images in this search are cut acrylic, not glass. The deep, vivid cuts and all those inside a block of material are acrylic.

Just posting to cross link @aeva 's post on dichroic glass. Nice close up shots.