Can glowforge engrave on phone?


Question to glowforge:

I remember when i order the glowforge, there are photos showing that this machine can engrave on phone and laptop. but i dont see it anymore. I wonder what happened to this feature?


You can absolutely mark/engraved anodized aluminium. Once.


how come i dont see any demo or video on it any more?


I’ve posed multiple examples of engraving anodized aluminium since April, the most recent being yesterday. No iOS devices per se, as I don’t have extras laying around. AA is wonderful to work with.



Hi @atnjason, Welcome to the forums!

It’s still in the promo video on Also its still listed as #4 of its 12 revolutionary features.

Recognizing phones and tablets has not yet been implemented in the software though. However, you can see that this did not stop @karaelena in the slightest.

Feel free to ask more questions, we are a friendly bunch here! Also, if you want the staff to see this, you should tag @GlowforgeStaff.


I am glad someone else did it to one of their computer devices first. Thanks for taking the heroic step :slight_smile:


As have I and It works super easily. I just made a whole slew of custom engraved luggage tags for my daughter for her overseas internship, and the cat toy I made the other day. I can’t engrave my phone since I’m on the “always latest thing” plan so I have to give it back…


I do it for work’s iPhones & iPads. Figured no big deal - they’re metal and 40W CO2 lasers can’t cut metal. Couldn’t hurt anything.

Still haven’t done my Surface because it’s magnesium and I can’t find anything authoritative on its laserability.


When I had my Note 4 I would have done it since I could replace the back easily. But I’m not putting my brand new S8 Plus into my laser. Well, at least I won’t be the 1st to do it. If somebody else does it successfully, I’M THERE!


I will likely attempt. It is gorilla glass on the back, so as long as I don’t find any info about gorilla glass reacting badly to laser etching, it’s going in there!


I did some Android phones for the office - HTC maybe? - that were glass. Worked okay but needed more power than I initially anticipated based on standard plate glass work I’ve done. Used the damp paper towel masking technique although I’m not sure that was necessary.


So your saying test on the wife’s phone first :wink:?


Hmm, lithium batteries inside a magnesium case, what could possibye go wrong.


Just don’t move it after your first pass. That way you can re-do it a second time if needed. Or do a piece of the design that doesn’t have to be perfect and then do the rest with different power/speed as appropriate.

I’d do one of the kids’ phones - I don’t think you want to mess with your wife’s until you’re sure :wink:


Good call, on both counts!


Never knew I was poor. Must be. Could not imagine throwing a $600 phone into a laser thinking it will probably be OK.


Sounds like a viral video to me!?


i’m new i get my kachine this week. how did you do it?


magnesium is flammable