Can I clean the white cable attached to the printer head?

I am cleaning my machine and my white cable looks rough? Can I wipe it with the same wipes I use for the lenses? Or use alcohol?

I’m referring to the white cable that’s attached to the printer head, not the one attached to the door on top.

I wouldn’t.


Many of the problem threads posted here start with “I cleaned and then…”

Wipe the optics as described in the instructions. Leave everything else alone.


As someone who has read every Problems and Support post on this forum, it is amazing how many units experience failures after deep cleaning.


It probably doesn’t really need cleaned yet but we all like shiny and new. Lots of problems seem to popup after someone does a cleaning. That being said, when I do clean it, I clean mine while I have the print head off. I wipe it down in one direction so as to not accidentally crimp it. As with computers, this ribbon cable will not withstand much abuse. Let everything dry thoroughly (just incase you have any bare cabling or contacts exposed) If you get a yellow button warning after you are done, ensure the cable is properly aligned and securely connect on both ends.

Just a tip, I have found the absolute best way to clean the inside, less optics, is a miracle sponge/magic eraser with just warm water.


Timely post from Glowforge on the Dashboard sidebar - Spring cleaning your Glowforge.


Just in the time it took me to type my message, 4 responses (including me) advise against frequent cleanings. As longs as the fans, optics and transport system (rails, belts, wheels) are kept clean you won’t have problems.


I do clean the top of it where it rubs as it goes back and forth - but lightly and I go nowhere near the ends where there are exposed electronics. I use the Zeiss wipe when I do so - but it’s like once a month or less - not a frequent thing.

I do that because early on someone had some debris up there and managed to wear a hole into their cable.


Do you have pictures of it? It helps to know if your desire to clean is OCD based or actually a truly needed clean.


I wipe it down once every few months, depending on usage. Moist (not wet) paper towel, machine unplugged, and never anywhere near the connectors.


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