Can I connect the vent hose to a 4 feet high window?

Hi everybody.
I am waiting my GF to be delivered next month. I am planning to use it in the basement, and I am thinking about the availability of connecting the exhaust hose to the window which is 3-4 feet higher than the table. Without using an additional external vent, will that be ok and no damage or smoke retention will occur? I emailed the GF support and all I got is to follow the manual instructions which do not mention the recommended height of the window, but they advised me to ask you here.
Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone

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Should be just fine! :sunglasses:


Height shouldn’t be a problem as long as the overall run isn’t beyond the recommended length(minus a bit for every bend introduced). Someone here vents out a chimney. Don’t remember who.

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That’s exactly my situation. Works fine. We have a couple of feet of basement wall above grade but the rest is below. Up at the top we have those little rectangular windows. I removed one, made a filler blank of plywood backed up by a couple inch foam insulation board. Cut the 4" dryer vent into it and attached the GF. You will want to seal up the vent piping because that will leak. I also put a blast gate between the window vent and the GF hose so I could close it off from the outside (although the vent goes to one of those flappy dryer vents I wanted the extra seal).


Thank you everybody for your support and fast replies.
James, thanks a lot, I will do exactly what you did.

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