Can I cut and/or engrave a basic mat that goes in a frame?

Hello Fellow Creators! Does anyone know or has anyone tried to cut or engrave on a basic mat. Like the ones you get from Michaels? If so, do you have a picture? Thanks!

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What kind of “mat”?

Per the post title, believe OP is referring to a precut mat board frame.

There are lots of posts about this if you use the search function - including pictures.

Yes you can. The settings I’ve used are:
cut: speed:200 Power: 95
Engrave: speed: 1000 Power: 45

It will not cut a beveled edge like a mat cutter does in a frame shop. It will leave a decent amount of soot on the edge too which can get all over if you’re not careful. I’ve used mat board to make earring holders, tags and signage for products.


Oh yes, mat board is thick paper. You can definitely do that on a :glowforge: :slight_smile:


I use a number of mat boards and art boards from a variety of sources and several different thicknesses. I have found that I need to tweak the settings for different sourced mat board, but not by a lot. As mprather says, there can be some soot at times, depending on the brand (some seem more prone than others). The board I use most is just shy of a 1/16" (0.061")/1.52mm and the settings I use are almost identical to mprather’s – but when I used the same settings on one board the settings were way too powerful… mini flames, massive charring. so if you have spare board, doing some test cuts is a good idea. On a related note, I am amazed at the detail that mat board can hold – I have used it to build HO Scale (train) models and it works remarkably well.


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