Can I engrave my hydro flask?

Just got my forge this week. I haven’t learned Inkscape or anything else useful yet. I am wondering if anyone has put a design on their Hydro flask?

I haven’t tried one myself, but they look like powder coated stainless steel. If that’s the case, yes, you can laser them. I think your problem will be getting one to fit though as they look too big.


As long as the diameter is small enough to fit under the head, you should be able to engrave any of the colored flasks; but you won’t be able to do the stainless one without Moly-lube, Cermark or equivalent, since the GF can’t actually engrave the metal.

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Also make sure the fan located behind the laser head clears it. I forgot about that and it misaligned my material and design.

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It is 2 1/2 inches so I’m out of luck.

Too bad :disappointed: