Can I engrave w glowforge on wood that has been sealed

Help I bought a beautiful cutting board but it has been sealed with lacquer. Can I use the glow forge to engrave ?

The search function in the upper right of the page is your friend. You will find that others have asked this and have been answered many times.
The short answer is that you need to do your research and determine if the material you are using is laser safe.

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Like @ben1 said, there is no one answer but most all food safe sealers are safe for lasers, just don’t push this out to all finishes. Learning how to read MSDS sheets is a big help if you want to go down roads less traveled at some point.
But anyway, yeah, lacquer on a cutting board should be fine.
The big red flag is anything that is chlorinated like pvc.


If the cutting board is meant for use, it should be sealed with oil, not lacquer. Lacquer will chip while you use it, exposing the raw wood underneath and providing little caves for bacteria.


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