Can I request a "Delay" in my shippment?

We have all been waiting for a long time for our Glowforge!! The news is encouraging, and it looks like my pre-order Pro might actually get here in the next few months… here is my problem.

I’m planning on doing some traveling overseas for 3-6 months. So, not that it’s almost time to receive my GF… I’m not in a position to use it just yet.

Given all of the delays, would I be able to request a “delayed” deliver of my unit until Spring, 2018? I’d hate to cancel and loose my benefits, but also hate for my warranty to just tick away unused.


Nothing happens until you reply to the “your Glowforge is ready” email and send your address. Once you get that email saying your unit is ready, just respond saying you’re out of the country for a while and will supply your email when you get back.

Nothing will ship, no warranty ticks away while you’re gone.


I believe that it is possible to postpone shipment, though the best way to find out specifics would be to email with your question.

Tagging @Rita as well, so that your post has a better chance of being seen by staff (most of the forum activity is by GF customers :wink: )


yeah, staff has mentioned several times about being allowed to delay shipment until you’re ready. i’m not sure if there is a maximum limit, though (such as delaying until all previous orders have shipped).

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Give it time, they’ll delay it for you automatically.

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