Can I sell items created with Minecraft Icons/Graphics available with premium?

Can I sell items created with Mincraft Icons/ Graphics available with premium? Does licensing with GF include these graphics?

Yes, one of the big reasons to subscribe to Premium is that the graphics come with commercial license rights. Let me see if I can find the direct quote…

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Thx - that’s what i thought , but can I keyword and label advertise as “minecraft” ?

I would not. Those are almost definitely not licensed by any major franchises.


Then, how it this beneficial, if I can not call it by it’s name - the point is to have people it, that are looking for it

Any comments from official GF employees?

All of the searchable artwork that I have seen is generic enough to not be a violation of copyright. It might pull up in the search with those keywords, but it’s not close enough to get in trouble with.

How you decide to market it though can definitely get you in trouble…


I don’t quite see your point. Icons on the Noun Project are tagged by the designer/contributors, and a single icon could conceivably be tagged Disney, Escher, Harley-Davidson, and Coca-Cola (all notorious for aggressively protecting their IP) . None of those IP-owners would be thrilled if you marketed any product using their trademarks and/or service names without a licensing agreement between you and them directly.

TL;DR: Just because you can search for “Minecraft” does not grant you the right to market anything as a Minecraft product.

Btw, GF staff do not monitor the forum – if you want to ask them directly, best to email support.


To use the name Minecraft on anything you sell you’d need permission from the holder of the Minecraft trademark. (I believe that’s currently Microsoft.)

I’d suggest reading up on trademark law.


Good Idea: “Hi, I’m selling earrings inspired by the tools in Minecraft.”
Bad Idea: “Hi, I’m selling these Minecraft earrings.”
Worse Idea: “Hi, I’m selling these Minecraft :tm: earrings.”
Worst Idea: “Hi, I’m selling these officially-licensed Minecraft :tm: earrings.”

Btw, here’s the licensing info for Minecraft:


Are you asking an SEO question or a copyright/trademark question? Is it easier to sell things by using licensed characters and names? Yes. Is it legal without permission to do so? No.

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Thanks for taking the time to include a link. It’s very limited, but still a possibility, which is nice.

Thanks for the Links and clarification. I was hoping that the GF premium covered this permission - seems like not and risky to use. :frowning: I create my own designs, but I have some of my students requesting Minecraft item and I discovered the graphics in premium. I think that the term “commercial use” is deceiving when GF promotes the graphics as part of premium. ( exceptions with licensed graphics should be clarified or not even offered.)

The limitations make it not worth the trouble

The license gives you permission to use the graphics, but not to use trademark names. Those are just pixelated swords unless you call them Minecraft swords.

I use The Noun Project icons heavily in other projects in my life and they are great, but there are some images in the collection that I wouldn’t use even with permission because they very closely resemble trademarked characters.


I don’t understand all the implications but there was things in the two stimulus bills that are supposed to add power to big copyright and trademark holders that change with the new year.

Perhaps someone here is more up on legal stuff?

I think that if a student asked for an item 'that looked like" something and you made that for them, there would not be any push back. but if you advertised as being that then yes you are begging for push back.

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Hold on, are you selling them to your students? As long as you show them the designs and they say “yup, I want them,” you’re fine. Just don’t say they are official Minecraft swag. The Premium license should be good enough for that sort of 1-on-1 sale.

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Thanks to everyone who responded! I mistakenly/hopefully thought that GF saying that we had commercial rights meant that they had it also covered with MINECRAFT. I really don’t want to create licensed products as a rule, but was considering making an exception for this since so many kids that I know love minecraft. Happy New year, Everyone!

I did ask GF - no answer yet. I usually get quicker responses here and then GF seems to answer

Cricut has specifically Disney stuff that you can sell, but It has made that deal with Disney and there is specific limitations and notifications that go with that specific stuff, that is not with other things.