Can I sell items created with Minecraft Icons/Graphics available with premium?

Are we sure “commercial rights” pertains to the graphics, or the designs in the Premium catalog? Because those expressly say they have commercial licenses. Is there something that actually says the graphics in the UI are ok to use on commercial products? Because these are two VERY different things.

It was the monthly update post that introduced the clipart library, and the subsequent discussion thread, where Glowforge said we had commercial rights to the clipart library. I do think it would be beneficial for there to be some clear terms specific to that feature they could point us to.


Agreed- clarication is important. For me being able to keyword as Minecraft would help with sales for those items- what’s the point of commercial rights if I say what it is but fear of copyright infringement?

I can use it for incentive prizes, but not to sell.

In order to submit something to the Noun Project the creator affirms that:

The use of the items from the Noun Project via the :glowforge: UI confers the ability to use those graphics on physical designs (you can’t resell the graphic) commercially per @dan’s post linked above

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To me the confusion seems to be in the idea these are Minecraft icons - they’re not. Glowforge licensed the icons from the noun project. The noun project relies on contributors to contribute their own original art. Somehow, some of these icons were tagged with Minecraft. The key is that they were not contributed by Minecraft - they were contributed by people who did not have the ability or authority to contribute official Minecraft icons. In a perfect world, when you search for Minecraft you would get zero results unless Minecraft the company contributed the icons. Instead this is more like a pawnshop world - maybe that Rolex is real and not a fake; maybe it is real and stolen - it’s a pawn shop you take your chances. You can always go to an authorized Rolex retailer; you can go straight to Microsoft/Minecraft and do the licensing.


Then, we should not be able to search Minecraft and find these icons. I think that it implies that these are Minecraft images and we have rights to use them and say Minecraft when selling items with these images and they are so close to the real images. At any rate I will not use them - not worth the risk. They should not be searchable as Minecraft clip art.