Can I sell my Basic to upgrade to the Pro? - Bay Area, CA

I purchased and received my Basic (GASP ITS GORGEOUS). I had wanted to upgrade for a long time, but figured that I just needed to get my basic first since I had purchased in October of ’16 or something like that. Anyhow, now that I have this in hand, I see the referral email to get the discount off the pro, which honestly is more what I need.

@Dan, can I sell my basic and use the upgrade referral to my husband and get the credit? Or is that a no-no? I just want to ensure that for myself, and the person I’m selling it to, that I do things properly as to not screw anyone over.

For those interested in purchasing, I just got it, it’s brand spanking new. I haven’t made a cut on it yet, and I’m in the SF Bay Area….


You can absolutely sell it, and we’d be happy to sell you another Pro to replace it. Bonus: any benefits tied to your account (like founder status) will follow you to your new Glowforge!


Thank you! I’m so stoked to get it and looking forward to upgrading

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