Can indoor plywood be treated to last outdoors

I hope this is the correct area. Can I use something like the purebond maple plywood from Home Depot outdoors if it is treated with an outdoor grade sealer? If not does anybody have a suggestion on a product I can cut and engrave in the Glowforge and paint on for outdoor use? Thank you in advance!

Really any sealer/paint designed for exterior applications will work (and if you want clear, marine grade varnishes likely the most durable)–but like nearly everything that gets exposed to the elements, expect it to require maintenance & refinishing periodically… And using a filler or end grain sealer may be ideal on the edges–but not sure how that affects clear sealers…

But things like Gorilla Glue and cyanoacrylates are often used to finish and seal wood, so might be a quick & fairly easy treatment, too!

So it really depends on what end look you want. Lots of options will be painted, and narrower choices if stain/clear finish. And if you’re making something you want to last for a really long time, you may be better off using cedar or other species that has inherently better properties for exposure.


Indoor woods can totally be made to last outside. There are two different things that will degrade wood, moisture and UV light. From there you can think about the ways people preserve outdoor wood.
I agree with @bansai8creations that the first place to look is at boats and marine products.


Thank you both. I appreciate it very much!

I think Craft Closet has marine wood, which is often used to make boats.

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