Can someone help guide me on on how to engrave words or an uploaded photo onto a peice of wood?

This probably seems like a simple task on a GF but I’m new and trying to figure out something simple to get started. I want to put a quote on a piece of wood and either frame it afterwards or do something else neat with it for a Christmas gift. I’ve been looking through lots of neat posts on this FORUM but am having trouble figure out where to find directions on how to complete this task.

I’m also wanting to figure out how to upload a picture that I have (example: of a family member) so that I could engrave their picture onto something such as wood. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get started? I have been trying to search on the “Support” page mentioned above and see a rough idea on where to go in the software but would appreciate any advice/suggestions. Thank you!

This post might give you a place to start looking; it gets you to the matrix which contains lots of tutorials:


This one isn’t linked separately in the above tutorials, but we do have a short demo for doing it in Inkscape:


I would love to help! Do you have a basic understanding of any design software? (I use affinity designer ). You need a design to be able to make something. Once you have your design, you are ready for the laser. Do a quick google search like “Edit text (your design software)” to figure out how to use the text tool.

Once you have your file, export it as a pdf and upload it to the GF control panel. go to and sign in with the email and password you used to place your order. Click upload in the top left corner and select your file. Once it is done processing you will see a live view of your bed with your file.

If you are using a proofgrade material, load it into the glowforge now. You will see your live preview update with the material. In the top left corner, you see the material name. Below that, you will see your design. By clicking on the design, you can see your settings. Select proofgrade cut to cut your design out. Click print in the top right corner and press the teal button on the machine itself

Let me know if you need any more help!

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