Can someone please point me to the spreadsheet of non-proofgrade settings

I’m an idiot, I can’t find it. Trying to make some shot glasses and if I don’t get them done soon, I’m just going to start drinking out of them

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hmm, I searched on matrix … that would explain it.


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Well, as you can see you’re not the first to ask. Searching can be kind of counterintuitive here sometimes. This one was pretty straightforward insofar as what terms I used, but still, it’s easy to miss things if you have the terms wrong in your search. Even typos will generally ruin the results. Discourse search is not great.

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Speaking of typos, I typically just use Google search and include “glowforge” somewhere in the search string. For example “glowforge spredsheet settins” gets me the right thing! :sunglasses:


that explains it, I spell check :-). Clearly that is my mistake :slight_smile:

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Looking at the spreadsheet, In the power Column, I see Full (Basic/Plus), or Full, and then some with just numbers. What would I use if I have a Pro? The numbers? What would I use if I see Full (Basic/Plus)? I know these are guidelines, but just wanting to interpret the spreadsheet correctly. And KUDOS to the original creators! I am expecting my GF delivery any day!

The Basic and Plus have a 40W tube, the Pro has a 45. So you use the lower power or higher speed settings for the Pro.

The earlier Plus model also had a 45W tube, so treat those settings with caution. Test first.


here ya go

Glowforge Settings.xlsx (15.2 KB)

I made it so it’s easier to read

I can’t find it either… for the 25th time!

Cant… find… what???

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I’m sorry but this had me wheezing with laughter, here are some helpful directions to find the file

:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: INDEED!!! lol

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I have often admitted I’m hopeless!

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