Can the Glowforge cut MDF?



I have had very good experiences cutting mdf and have not gotten any that didn’t work on a 60W laser (2-6mm).


Just to confirm what’s being said - yes, max thickness is 1/4" one side, 1/2" double, but it depends on the supplier, and make sure it’s safe when cut.


It claims it can !
"FORESCOLOR is the most versatile product of the range. Also knowned as colored MDF or color MDF, this wood fibre panel is coloured throughout, being available from a thickness of 5mm and can be offered NAF (with No Addition of Formaldehyde). It is ideal for coverings, furnishings and design objects and is easy to transform and finish. It can be machined using digital control milling (CNC) or laser machines. "


Nice! Saw a youtube video of someone using them as stackable
bookshelf/storage box’s. Looked really nice. I like using double sided
smooth mdf for projects that can use the super smooth surface. Also much
more uniform thickness than wood.



I would think CNC is preferrable with the Forescolor, so you don’t have the burnt edge effect from a laser. But you could sand/clean to minimize that, or just design with edges all concealed.


Has anyone ever seen this in person or at a retail store(the Forescolor) ? Or is it mostly sold to manufacturers or contractors?


I dont have any experience with the aerogel but it almost seems so much like air, that you may get the same effect using a double wall enclosure with dead air space between them. Maybe a vacuum would be even better.


It is almost pure air, but with just enough material that it should inhibit wave motion better (speculation). So I am hoping it gets you close to the sound quality of vacuum, without the issues of having to draw vacuum (which is arguably far easier than making aerogel…)


Hi!! Wich setting did you use? I’m tryng to cut 23/64 in (9 mm) MDF but i can’t find the right settings to cut ir


Haven’t done 3/8" since I had the PRU so the settings wouldn’t match anymore (I had a Pro tube in the PRU I think).

Worth doing some testing. I’d run 2 passes so as not to cause it to blacken the edges.


Mmm thanks anyway for your answer!!! I will try with 2 passes!!!


Shouldn’t be hard to dial in. I’d start with the settings for thick Draftboard, dial it up a bit in speed and take 2 passes.

You could also try lower power & 2 passes as well. That will leave less ontact time for charring.


Hi, it doesn’t works, I try with different speeds and power, and 2 or even 3 passes… sometimes I could fire the wood (yes I got a flame while cutting it!!!) :slight_smile: bot no one works to cut the mdf…


It depends on the MDF. Draftboard is one kind of MDF and cuts wonderfully; other MDF formulations don’t cut at all.