Can the glowforge engrave a stethoscope?

I’m not seeing anything other than cutting. Is the Gf able to engrave on the stethoscope metal part, not the tubing. Thanks

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I would assume so, I would probably use the MacBook setting. Now I want to try it.
I’d secure it down so it doesn’t shift and run a fast score on the area taped over to make sure it was exactly lined up. Open, take off tape, engrave. Just need to make sure the rear fan doesn’t hit the bell, and it would be without the crumb tray depending on the stethoscope.


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Your Glowforge cannot engrave any metal. It can mark anodized aluminum, e.g. MacBooks, but I’ve never seen a stethoscope with an AA head.

Another option is to use a laser-marking compound such as Cer-Mark on a metal object, laser it, then clean off the remaining compound.

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Here is a link to some discussions of engraving stethoscopes: Search results for 'stethoscope' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Me neither so I googled. Of course they’re made: