Can the Laser tube be replaced?

Thank you… an answer that helps.

The Problems and Support topic monitored by the company was removed and replaced by email and telephone support about a week ago. So this is new for us too. The folks here have more accurate info than any place other than the company because Official Support and member support have had a symbiotic relationship for 5 years. Now that the company will no longer check the answers given here the forum will slowly devolve into best guess based on experience.


You could do the community a service if you would post back here with the answer you get from Support. That way we’ll have updated info that either supports or refutes Dan’s $500 answer.



Questions have been sent and I will provide a copy if/or when I receive one.


Thanks! One of the problems here is that we don’t get to see what the resolution is once GF takes over.


It is also possible now, at least for EU folks, that the return could be to the UK. Perhaps they are setting up fixit ability/refurbished unit swap there. They have mentioned previously that they have a business unit there. Not sure. Shipping wont be that much cheaper, but it could be helpful.


That’s cool. Where/when was this announced?

It could be significantly cheaper because it doesn’t have to go by air to get from the EU to the UK.

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Here is the email, I received, this morning, from Glowforge. Good news for Canadian customers at least….

Ara S (Glowforge)

Jan 25, 2022, 8:45 PM PST

Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out on these questions!

The Glowforge laser tube is custom made - it’s bigger than most desktop units (850mm) and is modified for longer lifetime and smaller spot size. The laser tube is rated for two years of daily use, and can last much longer under light or moderate use. It’s also covered under either your original warranty, or the additional, third party coverage currently offered by Extend.

Normally, if your printer is past the warranty period, we’ll replace your laser tube, including roundtrip shipping within the US and Canada, for $499. We’re not performing repairs at the moment, but as you’ve heard, we’re providing refurbished units for the same cost. (We have other arrangements for non-Canadian international customers).

We do plan to have a replacement tube parts package available for purchase in the future—unfortunately, we haven’t worked out all the kinks yet.

I’m afraid I can’t offer any guidance about use of after-market tubes.

Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Best regards,


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I thought this was in one of Dan’s announcements. Perhaps I was confused. It may have been about proofgrade being available there.

Hey that is good news for us Canucks. I was envisioning the $500 tube plus shipping both ways.


November, 2021


Likely “burnt” meant she set her machine on fire and ignored it long enough to completely destroy it - and even then :glowforge: generally offers a replacement at a significant discount.

So yeah, as others have said $500 for the US (and per your email Canada) total with shipping. In the UK it’s still $500 but unknown on shipping, presuming they’ll get them in the new distribution center likely included on the Island.

Considering they’ve also confirmed that just the tube costs most than that (bespoke, etc.) they’re taking a huge bath if/when tubes start needing replacing, but so far that time has not yet come :slight_smile:


I saw that. No mention of service/repair/replacements.

It sure would be nice for the UK and EU customers who get DOA units.

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