Can these be laser etched?

Can I laser etch this type of sticker paper and if not, does anyone know of something similar???

Contact the company and inquire about the liner material.

I personally wouldn’t be worried about kraft-paper sticker material itself, but the liner sheet is a question. They can be poly-coated/siliconized paper which is not a concern, but they can also be PVC which is a concern if you are trying to cut shapes or if you burn through in places while engraving.
If you have already ordered, just take a look: if the liner material looks and tears like paper, its likely ok. If it looks like plastic and doesn’t want to tear, be wary. Even if it is not PVC-based, a plastic liner may very well turn into a sticky mess when cut.


Thats a great answer!! Thank you, I will definitely give them a call before I order


Let us know what you find out!

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