Can two lasers run on the same circuit?

Just curious if anyone has two GFs and if there’s an issue with overloading your electrical circuit if they are in the same room, running at the same time?

That’s going to depend entirely upon the wiring in your house. In MY house I’m sure I’d blow a fuse… But at the office here? I could probably run a half dozen of them on the same circuit.


So did a quick search and peak power consumption is 800 watts. 800 / 115v is 7 amps. A typical circuit is 15 amps so it should work.

But I would not do it. If you trip the breaker, then both prints will fail. Also, are you certain that nothing else is on the same circuit as your Glowforge receptacle? Nope for me trying this.


Agreed! Mine is on an isolated circuit in the basement, mainly so someone doesn’t plug a vacuum into the wall on the same circuit and fire it up. That’d pop it faster than Dr Pimple popper at an acne convention. :slight_smile:

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@samspendlove you can probably get two machines to work on a single circuit, depending on your home wiring as stated above. My machine plus the filter usually draw <500W. If your circuit also supplies other devices intermittently and you’re concerned about power loss you can use 1000W of UPS. For example either one of or two of would likely do fine.

Two GFs at absolute peak power is about the same as one hairdryer. Should not be a problem on a 15A or higher circuit.

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Yep it should work until someone switches something else on. Are you feeling lucky?LOL

Website says 800 watts peak for just the Glowforge. Filter is extra.

YMMV, of course.

I have a single-socket meter. I just ran a test cut at full power with only the machine plugged in and the filter on a separate circuit. It was drawing a steady 370W. I ran another cut with the filter on the same socket and using different load levels on the filter. Notably, this will change as the filter gets fuller. At the low end it was drawing 470W and running full out it was drawing 720W. This is more than I recall so my filter may have been fresh at the last sampling.

Oh I’m pretty sure that it will work too. I guess it can be difficult to run a dedicated circuit for Glowforge(s).

Thanks community for a great discussion! I don’t have more to add, so I’m going to move this to everything else where the chat can continue.

Thanks for the input everyone. So far so good, I’ve been running a regular GF and a Pro simultaneously with no problems.


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