Can we engrave on a small wooden ball?

Was asked by my nephews if we could engrave small wooden balls they use for stick handling exercises. I believe they are less than 2" diameter, I will have some in a few days to see. I remember when I bought the glowforge way back in the beginning it showed being able to engrave surface of various heights, but have never done it. Is this something I can do?

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If it’s under 2” yeah. The tricky part will be that the ball surface is curved so it can be tough to get a good focus. I’d recommend sticking to a small engrave area if I were trying this.

Search the forum for “no crumb tray” and “jigs”. Those are both skills you’ll need.


You’ll probably want to use a ring of some sort as a stand to keep the balls from rolling around. A split keyring or even a rubber band should be enough…

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