Can We Get Some Updates?

That seems to be a onesie-twosie approach. On an assembly line (or even team based assembly pods) the resource-hours to assemble are likely to be far less. (However, you missed the QC & test step so there’s likely some time spent powering it up to make sure everything is working.)

The wiring should all be harness based. If they’ve engineered the case with that in mind, they could have a press in channel for the harness. Grab the harness off the stack, lay it into the box, press it into its channel and then you’re ready for the components. Install those and button up the box.

Aligning the optics should be jig based so they don’t have to actually fire the laser (and possibly hurt someone/something). Put the jig on/or stuff in it and then tighten that stuff down. Ready to go.

I’d expect it would be under a half-hour to do all of that once the operator knows the steps. I can tear down my K40 in an hour & half and I’m not doing it every hour/every day.

The crating/boxing is actually likely to be one of the longest tasks - grab a flat pack, unfold it, tape it (and/or staple), put the bottom layer of cushioning in (preformed styrofoam?), lay in the GF, put in the top packing foam, drop in the accessories (instruction book, power cord, etc), seal the top, roll it down the line.

All in all, I think they’d need fewer people or could churn out more. But I don’t think they’re going to wait until mid-November to start churning these things out. And there are likely more than 6000 (I think I saw somewhere north of 9,000) since most people likely bought the basic not the Pro.

Should we start a pool with an over/under on when the 1st one arrives, 10th one, 100th? :slight_smile:


Oh no! I’ve only just realized glowforge has made a fatal mistake! They needed to manufacture and ship from Madagascar. Sure, the only way out is through the sea ports, but it’s the only way to win!

Now they’ll never achieve total world domination.

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Over 10,000 units (so probably under 10,500 or it would be almost 11k :slight_smile: ). From the update delaying GF, believe Dan said at one point cancellations were at about 0.5% of orders, so 50 at that statement.

Dan made a post a while back “Anatomy of a $5m week”. About 20% were international orders. The numbers then were 48% pro, 23% basic, 29% basic +filter.


I wish i had that optimisim. To me, No news is… no news.
and the silence is kind of like looking someone in the eyes. At first its romantic, you have dreams of what is behind them. But it eventually turns creepy and a lil conversation goes a long way.


LOL!!! Great analogy! Exactly my sentiments. A little update or peek into production would definitely help in dealing with all the uncertainty right now.

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The current order count is around 13000


Good info. Believe the preorder campaign netted around 10k units so 3k after. Not bad!

Wait… so you’re saying people don’t enjoy when I stare them in the eyes silently for long periods of time?
**makes notes

You know, that explains a lot.