Can you edit a trace taken by the GF?

I used the camera to trace an image from the tray in hopes to make a jig for placement and to hold it in place. It happens to be of an apple watch band. It scans, asks me to click areas I dont want to trace and then the trace appears. However, there is a lot of “noise” on the trace, i.e. erroneous marks that I would like to edit out to have a clean image. Is editing possible?


After you make the trace you are able to adjust it somewhat in the GFUI. Once you are done with that step, you are not able to edit it any further. There is no way to export the image.

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This does not answer your original question, but when I was doing something similar, I scanned a watch band using a scanning app using my iPhone. Then I imported that scan into Adobe Illustrator (I’m sure you can use whatever design program you are using) and cleaned it up and my file was all set. Hope that helps.

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That’s great advice @Pearl!

In this case, I’d recommend using a program like Adobe Illustrator as well. I’m going to move this thread over to Everything Else so the discussion can continue.

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