Can You Engrave Carrots? Yes, You CAN!

It’s a well known fact that at the end of every rainbow there’s a pot of gold. It’s true.

So for St. Patrick’s Day I’m serving rainbow carrots with my corned beef, and I want every one of my guests to know EXACTLY which carrot is theirs. That way we know how to properly divide up the gold after dinner is finished.

Definitely not proof grade materials, but the way I see it rainbow carrots are just magical little trees that can also be engraved. Font Hercanulum (my favorite BTW).


I can’t believe I have to do this for this post but …

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Edited. Sry - thought there was a proof grade barcode on one of the carrots LOL



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If you had fourteen of them you’d really be golden!


Is the photo pre or post cooking? (presuming you’re cooking the carrots). I’m curious how much of the name will still be visible!

That’s frickin’ adorable - and I like your font choice too :four_leaf_clover:


Pre-cooking. My guests’ kids LOVED them and before I could cook them they used them as place markers. Then ate them raw.