Canada, has your delivery date changed yet again?

much smaller change - bodes well maybe for them having some intel that things are close.

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Really hoping they allow proofgrade orders at the same time. I have a plan for if they dont but I would much rather have the whole thing shipped directly to me

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In the meantime, where have you been looking at for laserable materials in Canada?

I’ve actually been getting stuff from across the border already. Super nice hard woods from Ocooch Hardwoods.
I got some stuff from West Wind hardwoods in BC, but their lead times and prices were not so great for me where I am on the opposite side of Canada

Looked at any plastics yet?

I have not. I ordered from Invenables with no issues and I did stop into a local distributor to chat but I’ve had no need for plastics to this point

So I just got my delivery e-mail – anyone else?


I have not but this is SUPER exciting. Where are you located and what did you order?

I ordered a basic and I’m in Calgary

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Hi. My delivery date has been changed from November to February 28, 2019! Would be nice if they were courteous enough to send a notification email of the delay. Alas, but no!

I order the Pro model…

There was an update on the status for Canadian deliveries this morning from Dan.

Same here. I was expecting this November for it to be delivered only to be disappointed, Yet Again!, with a pushed out delivery of FEB. 28, 2019.

Not even an email notice either.

I too, ordered the Pro model.

Exactly the same here.

  • In Canada
  • Pro model
  • Kept waiting for 1.5+ years
  • Suddenly changed to end of Feb 2019
  • Not even an email

Worst purchasing experience ever

Did you receive your machine yet? I am just wondering what your cost was from the shipping company when it got delivered. I heard some people getting really expensive brokerage fees.
I just ordered mine and am located around the same area so I just wanted to check.

it WOULD be good to know that. I want to know how much I should budget for

No – apparently my delivery date is the 21st of December. Someone else had looked into self-brokering as an exercise – there are notes on a post somewhere…

Just received mine today through fedex and there were no additional charges! :grinning:

Fedex will often send a bill afterward so don’t get your hopes up yet…

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Oh ok that would make sense, I’ll keep it updated if I do get a bill.

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