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We’ve already delivered to most of our international customers. EU orders are dispatched immediately and usually arrive in less than 15 business days! But some countries haven’t been approved for shipping, and we continue to work hard on getting them approved.

Canada is next, but we’ve had to schedule an additional inspection of our Guadalajara factory for compliance. This is required by the process for Canada and the other unfinished countries, so it will move all international dates out by about a month. As the compliance and logistics clearing process moves faster or slower, we’ll update forecasts for each country to match. International customers who haven’t received their unit can always find our most accurate shipping date forecast at We continue to pour time and dollars into fulfilling our commitments to our international customers - I’m so sorry we’re not yet fully delivered.

Update 10/1: The inspection went well this month; no changes to our shipping forecast.

Update 11/7: We’ve been approved for Canadian shipments of Basic and Plus! Shipments are starting now. Unfortunately, Glowforge Pro shipments have not yet been cleared to Canada. We’ve updated all international shipping dates with our latest forecasts.

I know how frustrating it is for those of you in countries that we aren’t yet shipping to. Our customers in the EU and, shortly, Canada can attest that we get there eventually - but I know how frustrating the wait is.

One more thing: for all international customers who have Founders Discounts, we realize that you can’t use it yet since the shop and catalog are not yet available internationally. We’ll extend your discount so you can make use of it.

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I'm waiting over two years for my glowforge
I'm waiting over two years for my glowforge

Hi dan, one question how is that you need to get inspection in Guadalajara to get the glowforge to Canada (and I think Mexico too)? The factory in Guadalajara is making the glowforge? also if that is true, how is that for Mexico is not moving one month is moving almost three! :frowning: :weary:


Please explain why my forecast has jumped another 5 MONTHS then? (Canada) My newest date is February 2019! I cannot understand why this company cannot comply with international requirements in 3 years?


I’m in Canada and my date move 4 months, super disappointing :sob:


Hi Katie - thanks for commenting - can you check your date again? We just noticed a typo in our Canada dates and fixed.


Thanks for the correction! November looks much better than February. Let’s hope it’s a more firm date finally.


November 1st now, Thanks Bailey :slight_smile:


So is the Glowforge now made in Mexico? I was under the impression it was being made in the US.


Hi Dan
Is the delivery date for the Pro Version still October for Australia


The latest forcast states February 1st for the unit and March 31st for the air filter to ship to Saudi Arabia.

Either, you guys are doing nothing about it or this is really a rocket-science process that requires years to complete!!

I am really disappointed and puzzled!!!


Will Canadians be able to order proofgrade materials when Canadian shipments do go out? I know there are EU people who can’t take advantage of the proofgrade stuff yet


We’re setting up a line with Flex in Mexico where we’re manufacturing the air filter (this was in the last update). Printers that are being sold now are assembled in the US, and we’re working with both factories to figure out how best to produce for the world market going forward.


We haven’t shared any estimates for international Proofgrade shipments yet.


You can see the most accurate forecast for your shipment to your country at


It would be really nice to see a forecast on the account page that says when we can expect to be able to order proofgrade materials.
I know I’ve done lots of ordering of woods and acrylic from over the border and its usually pretty painless. I can see why it would be slightly more troublesome for those overseas though


I’ve made a lot of noise saying we want more information about delays and this is more information, thank you.

I see a reason behind a bit more time, and I can believe Canada would be like that… I blame Canada :wink:


I seem to remember that with each delay, we get more freebies. Can someone refresh my memory as what they were? And will we be (Canadians) able to use them? Thanks!


considering i paid in October 2015, my delivery date is now moved out to January 2019. All i can say is what a disappointment glowforge is. Such a pity I could have invested my money in something else and purchased a glowforge in 2019 for basically the same price, Disappointment does not even actually begin to cover it. Lets see that date move out again, I would not be surprised


Hi Dan,

What assistance do you need for Australia? I ship items all over the country and import goods also. We have specialised 3rd party custom officers/companies that can assist with compliance for electronic and bulky goods when bringing into the country.

I trust you know this, but I would like to help in anyway possible, as moving my PRO model AUS delivery date from 15th October to now January 2019 is a little upsetting.

Kind Regards,



The delivery date for my Pro (to Perth, Aus) just got bumped back from Oct 15 to Jan 15 :sob: though to be honest I had a sneaking suspicion the date would change again. If I hadn’t gotten a bunch of referrals I probably would have looked to get my money back by now… I could have been saving a sizable chunk of interest off my mortgage!