Canadian friends / materials source / maybe reselling

Hey peeps I don’t want to get chewed out for not following the rules here or not realizing that this has been posted before but I have a few things to ask / say and I want to be able to have a free discussion so moderators simmer down.

  1. I’m from Toronto Canada Looking for other Glowforgers to connect with. If your from Toronto and want to connect my insta is _mark_anth Yes I know there is a Glowforge map that somebody created so I know there’s a few people around me but I couldn’t find valid emails.

  2. Yes I know there is many forms discussing this but I still didn’t find anything super helpful I will keep reading So please respond if you actually have a source for me. I’m looking for a source in Toronto possibly to pick up materials that would work well with my Glowforge. I don’t mind ordering online but I think the start I would prefer picking stuff up if there’s somebody local. Ontario would be nice I saw some sources out in Vancouver pretty much farther than sources in the US.

  3. I spent a lot of money shipping my Glowforge pro to Canada and If I don’t get some thing going in the next few months I might consider selling it. Anyone in Canada interested in buying a almost brand new machine?

Yes I know I just asked three separate questions but just calm down I’m here to have a discussion not to be directed to past ones. Okay thank you.


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Hi Mark
I am I the Toronto area and am waiting for my Glowforge pro to arrive this week. Really wish I had read this before I ordered last week!

I use a Trotec Laser engraver at my school and I plan on continuing to order my materials from them. They are located in Mississauga



If you search the Made on a Glowforge for “Canada” you will find some very talented users in Canada. As for having a discussion here without wanting to be directed to past ones, I am not sure why past experiences are not of interest to you since the purpose of the forum is to build and share a knowledge base. Also, you can directly contact any user by clicking on their icon and using the message button.


Have you tried your local hardware store?

Nice thank you for the info. Just starting to learn how this works and using my phone which is causing me some problems.

Hi Lori thank you for the message. If you have any interest in checking out the laser before your laser arrives let me know. I’m looking to connect with other creators in the area. My laser is already set up so you’re welcome to come have a look. I’m sure you’re probably getting ready for your own to come. You can add me on Instagram _mark_anth or email me at

I would love to talk to you about your supplier and learn about what you’re using your laser for.

Thank you


I think you would be wise to remove your personal info from this post.

For acrylic try Shop3d in Mississauga. They have two stores, one in Vancouver area too. I think that they have wood too, they rep the Dremel machine.

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