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Hello Glowforge community…

This is a question to @dan and the team at Glowforge that I have seen many times before, but not in the last couple of years.

I was wondering if there is anyway we (you) can look into shipping costs to Canada, I keep getting promotion emails to buy supplies from the Glowforge store, which I would love yo do - but I always walk through until the check out screen only to discard my order due to the crazy shipping fees. It works out to an additional ~35% of the cost of the order just to ship.

A flat rate, minimum order, group buys or anything else that could help, but as of now the shipping just seems to go up and up and up the more I add - so for a small order it does not make sense ($22 Basswood is $90 to ship) and for a big order it gets out of control. Even if it took 3 months to arrive we could stock up!!! You know the numbers, are there enough units in Canada to warrant a local store?

I know there are local suppliers, but I have not found anyone else that is just ready for the Glowforge (mask tape, right size etc, safe to use in the laser).

Anyway - this might be ignored, or unanswered but I figured I would ask in case its just a we haven’t had time to look and find better options but now we do type of question!

Overall, this is an appreciation email, love my Glowforge!



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Based on the fact there are now European distributors for PG materials, I have to assume they’re trying to do that for Canada as well, and are still wading through the red tape to get it set up. But that’s just conjecture on my part. Your best bet, since the Glowforge team doesn’t monitor the forums and Dan is probably the last of them who has the time to do so, would be to send a message to Support with your suggestion, so you can add your voice to the many others wanting the same thing!


Well that’s good news (European Distributors) - I will send support a direct message as well - but wanted to see from the community if others are still looking for this! a bunch of one off emails tend to make less noise than a public forum:-)

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That assumes the company is reading the public forum. :wink:


I have something like $450 worth of credit in my GF account. I won’t use it unless I need a part I can’t find somewhere else because of those horrendous shipping charges. I’ve made my stand on this in the past hopefully yours will add to the chorus. image


where in canada do you live? I’m a Montrealer and I’ve used different services for shipping to us address and bringing it over. currently I have a contact who travels weekly accross the border, he will bring me anything that fits in his car for an extra 5$.

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