Cancelled my order and now have a response

It may take glowforge until the date of shipping to email that they need seven more
Months but this is not how I do business. I cancelled the Glow Forge Pro, over $4K on Friday when I got the email and have yet to receive a response of any kind. Sad to say at this point I am not surprised. I emailed again today. I am getting very frustrated. I feel deceived in a major way. Has anyone else received their refund yet?

The money should be refunded directly within ten business days, to whichever method you used to pay for it. If it does not appear in your account by that time, send an email to so they can research the holdup.

It takes time for the bank processing.


Do we not need a response Fromm glowforge saying it has been cancelled?

I think it’s perfectly reasonable for you to have a personal E-mail from glowforge acknowledging your cancellation and pending refund.

I don’t think they’re likely to provide the information on the forums, and the fact that you still can post here likely means they’re behind probably due to holidays and the weekend processing your refund.

Everyone else who’s come to the forums for refund assistance generally get’s directed back to by the glowforge staff. If you haven’t heard from them there it might be worth investigating the spam settings and letting them know in case they can do something, also contacting your ISP might help if it is a spam blocker issue.


Sure, I think you should have received a response. That’s what I would have wanted. I was just curious if your account showed the cancelation, if not, there could be a break down in communication and you might need to follow up with support again. I’m sure they got hit with a lot of requests over the past weekend. Not trying to argue or anything, I’m just curious how the process goes.


Sorry to see you go, but I respect your reasoning and decision.

As I understand it, one of the cancellation steps is to disable the ex-customer’s forum account and thus their ability to post. This probably explains why you are unlikely to get a response to your query.

Btw, I am not GF staff — just another customer. Your best bet for a definitive answer remains emailing

Jamie, I’m so sorry for the delay. Please email and @rita’s team will take care of you right away.


Yes. I have done that twice now.

@jamieface, have you tried logging into your account at and checking the order status there?

It should list the status.

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She has responded to at least one other in this forum with a similar request. But that would not be the normal process. Yesterday was the very first day that the office was open. Not open yet today. I’m sure that there are a not insignificant number of requests for attention. Where as your purchase was handled by an automated system, the cancellation requires human attention. The time it takes for a human to do it for one times X number of cancellations. Please be patient.


Hi Jamie, I’m sorry you were left with uncertainty – we have processed your refund!


And in the extra amount of time needed for someone in the company to bring the post to her attention, and her response time, some person who waited patiently is bumped from their place in line. Please be patient.

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When someone cancels, do they get an automated response confirming the cancellation or is it a manual process on Glowforge’s side and then an email is generated to the account email which provided the payment?

When they go to the Cancel your Pre-Order is that just notifying that a user is cancelling the order (and the staff manually processes the request and how long before the user should wait for confirmation) or it immediately terminates the pre-order, submit the refund to the source of payment and suspends the owner access privileges (account on the page and login to the forums at

I ask to help clarify the process and assist those who are wanting to cancel (to address the expectations and response times). It might help temper the panic postings that come across the forums and show where the process should be at any point in time.



When someone cancels at, they see a confirmation screen that lets them know what to expect next. Support receives an alert that we need to process the refund, which we typically do within a business day or two. We send an email when the refund is processed. After that, it’s common for the actual transfer of funds to take several business days.


So if someone cancels and then changes their mind and gets an E-mail off to support really quickly they can un-cancel assuming the second E-mail is seen before the first is processed?

That one is probably a place for a process tweak - a brief email acknowledgement back that the refund processing is underway and they’ll get another when the team processes it. Cut & paste and send before queuing it up for refund processing. With the emotions running the way they are here, that would likely cut down further angst, hostility and “scam” charges.

For what it’s worth.


Thanks. As you have seen, people cancelled on a Friday, and the instant response in this internet Amazon world that the monies were on the way.

Is there an email sent to those requesting the refund that their account will be closed on such and such a date automatically? Or is that just being handled in some general account cleanup (whenever it might occur)?

Thanks again Rita

The “Cancel your Pre-Order” page is very clear that it is irreversible. They would have to hope the staff can stop the process.