Candy vending machine



Just saw this video and thought the design would lend it self very well to be cut on a 'forge.

I think I’ll design one for swedish monies and perhaps change the chewing gum balls to a handfull of smaller bit of candy. Like, instead of the one ball, have it spit out 10-15 pices of Ahlgrens bilar, Djungelvrål or [Zoo (apor, shaped like monkies)] ( Or, why not all of the above? Making three should be just as easy as one with the :glowforge:.


I need to make this for my office! Maybe my awesome pineapple candy will stop disappearing so fast!


this is genius. honestly, the coin mechanism is hilariously simple and smart. what a great idea; thanks for sharing.


This is great! And has inspired a mind blowing idea so great I can’t share it yet. But I will as soon as my Forge arrives. OK, maybe a few days later for build time…


I like it!

I made one a while ago on a laser.

I really don’t like the base of my design (too complex looking for what it is). If I do an update, I’ll change the design of the base to something like what’s in the above video.

But I was happy with the square acrylic gum jar that I made, so I would likely keep that part.

My mind is already planning how to improve things! Thanks for posting it!


haha, fantastic.


Sweeeeet! :sunglasses:


Ha ha ha. I see what you did there… Candy=sweet…


That’s great! Totally going to make this with the kids.