CANstruction AIA DC (photo heavy)

so this happened this weekend. i’m just starting to feel the real effects of 5 hours of setup in my old ratchety bones. i blame any typos on pain drugs and ambien.

theme was 1980s. we chose to do Kirby coming out of a Gameboy.

plenty of other cool sculptures.



Love the can-do spirit!


Wow, amazing!

Seems like a hazardous undertaking. One bad move and you are buried in cans!

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Those projects are incredible. Fierce competition.

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Very creative :sunglasses:


I presume that was a competition? Who won?

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No Moulin Rouge themed display? A Can-Can of cans?

Regardless an awesome job again this year and quite a lot of help for folks who need it.


is moulin rouge really 80s? that was the theme this year.

the competition lasts all week. we break down the monday after thanksgiving and winners are announced that night.

some good competition there. if nothing else, i’m hoping we win “most complete meal,” since we have Potatoes, Sweet Peas, Black Beans, Plum Tomatoes, Tuna, and Salmon in our structure.


I thought it was but I just went and looked it up - the Nicole Kidman film was 2001. Thought it was much older (or I was much younger when I saw it :blush:).


What a great way for a food drive–looks like so much for fun for you guys coming up with such amazing designs & is it open for public viewing (looks like in a giant lobby)? (much nicer than just big barrels to drop stuff into in company hallways…). Tough to choose a favorite!!

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normally the AIA DC site is in the National Building Museum, but they’re doing renovations this year, so we’re in Columbia Square, which is a huge office building near metro center in DC.

the AIA Virginia site is at Dulles Airport, which actually gets a lot more traffic since it’s in the departures terminal on the busiest travel weekend of the year. but there are a lot less teams involved.

Thanks–if I ever to make it from my WA to your WA this time of year, on my list of a must-see!


you can look around to see if there’s a CANstruction competition in your area. they do it in a lot of different places.


Pretty cool event.

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Looks great

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These are some really wonderful canstructions. Thanks for sharing, I miss doing this but my current company has rejected the idea a few times.

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yeah, we skipped a couple of years during in the mid 2010s when we had some layoffs, but it’s been fun getting back into it. i’m really only involved in some early conception meetings and the buildout, since i have zero CAD skills. oh, and i help cut out the gatorboard layers on the laser cutter.

hopefully your company will get into the spirit and start up. i found out that there’s also a gingerbread house town that some architects do in DC. each firm gets a building to do and they make a whole town. hoping to get us involved in that next year.

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