Cant connect to WiFi - setting up glowforge first time

We are trying to setup our new glowforge however it keeps giving us an error saying that it cannot connect to our WiFi. We’ve troubleshooted everything…the printer is three feet from our router with nothing in between, our connection is strong, it is 2.4GHz, the password is correct. I even called xfinity for their help and they verified that there should be no security issues blocking the connection from happening. All of our other devices are working great on our WiFi. Please help!

Something important to note is that our printer was “lost” by fedex for the past three weeks and finally arrived today with one of the plastic handles on the box missing. Could it be damaged? What do we do? We’ve waited so long to start printing and are pretty frustrated with being stuck at this step. Thank you!

Just one? Back in the day we were lucky for them to still have one. Yes, it could be damaged but here’s a video that’s helped many get going. At least one person has had an issue with an ad blocker messing with the set up.

Also if you can try temporarily using a cell phone or similar as a hot spot to set it up it can rule out damage to the unit.

And as always hopefully sooner than later a support staff person will come along but ya other users like to try and help each other out in our limited way.


Thank you. We did try to use a phone as a hot spot and received the exact same error message.

I emailed support just hope they will respond ASAP. I’m baffled that they don’t have phone support for such an expensive machine. I hope there is something they can do to get us up and printing or send us a new one. :frowning:

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You opened a support ticket by posting here, so now you have two, but they will close this one and continue to work with you by email.

If your machine can’t connect to wifi from your regular home router or a phone, it will likely need to be replaced.

Send it back. Keep sending them back until you have a working unit. It’s up to glowforge to send out working units and from what you and others(myself included) have experienced they cant seem to do that. The users should not have to do their Quality Control for them.

Nobody has responded to my email. How long does it usually take for a reply?

Typically one business day.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.