Can't drop attention for a moment (or you are behind the curve)

I lay down Blender for a moment, and there is a super upgrade. But even more, there is new open source Software to turn a bunch of photos into a 3d mesh. Suddenly instead of a photo on a flat puzzle, you can have a very accurate relief carving, or if you have a 3d printer you can have your own copy of it. It would be so amazing to live in a city or area where you could go for an hour’s walk and come home with the making of a dozen 3D things to fold into your designs.


Now that is very cool! I will have to look into Meshroom.


Mind blowing what you can do with software!


And where you cant scan for yourself there is Sketchfab models. bring into Blender and make a texture where close things are white and far is black and you have a nice elevation map to 3d engrave in your design.

On the other hand If you live in a culture rich area you can just wander around making models to put in Sketchfab or here,