Cant load image to GFI from corel, any tips?

Hello! I have an image im trying to engrave, but cant seem to get it from corel to gfi. Have saved it as svg, and keep getting an error, while trying to add the artwork to gfi. Not sure whats wrong, any help appreciated!

Save it as JPG or PNG.


Have tried that, but it doesnt seem to be able to do an engrave, followed by a cut, depending on if fill or stroke is selected? Was always able to do that in adobe, but for some reason not in corel… here’s a sample image. The outline is selected as hairline, stroke. the letters are solid fill, but when put into gfi, only option is engrav


Yes, you can’t cut from an bitmap - your original post said you were trying to engrave, not cut as well.

Sounds like it’s an issue in how you are creating/exporting the SVG. I’ve got no knowledge of Corel, so somebody who does might chime in shortly.

Yes, I figured that’s what I have going on as well. Have been watching countless tutorials today, thought I had it nailed. Oh well will keep messin around, thanks!

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got er figured out! think I just had a box checked incorrectly, on the export svg page lol


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