Can't separate parts in GFUI

HI! I have a group of sayings arranged to print on some wood I have for making magnets to sell. I have each of the one line sayings in it’s own group. there are 18 groups on the page (again, each consisting of one line of words- these are not text anymore - they are all paths). the page itself is ungrouped. so 18 separate one line groups on one page. I can move each saying around freely on the page. so I save it and import into GFUI. It is treating them like one chunk and won’t let me separate them to place on the individual pieces of wood. I really do not want to do each one one at a time. why won’t they separate in the GFUI?

You need to make them different colors in your design software.


that’s not the problem. I changed several of them to different colors just in case, but even when i have files all the same color, I can still move the different parts of the pattern around. not this time.

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What software are you using to create them?

Can you provide the file? I’ll have a look at it.

using inkscape

magnets long (256.8 KB)

You need to make sure both the stroke path and the fill are different in the places you want to be different and the same in those groups you want to be the same. The actual colors are of little relevance, only that they are the same and different. If you are going to engrave an area that area must be combined so there is outside and holes otherwise two engraves on top of each other will do nothing.

this is not my problem though. everything engraves fine. my problem is that I can’t independantly move the pieces around in my gfui, whereas I usually can, no matter what color anything is. color is just for cutting. this is literally, just for moving pieces around the gfui.

It’s a bug with highly complex svgs. They are grouped in the ui and can’t be separated.


The only way I have found is to put a nonprinting shape around each part you wish to move about that do not overlap. The GFUI sees in rectangles and inside the rectangle is often grouped so you want to keep them separate.

The last resort is to load them each separately and in that case, they will usually be treated as separate


oh, thank you! didn’t know that. I know exactly what to do to fix it now. awesome!!!

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Hey @craftracoons, not sure if you were able to get it working, but I was interested in seeing what the “issue threshold” was for this and so I played with it for a bit.

With all the Paths you have in that file, the GFUI was overloaded with too many Elements to handle; I got a specific error message that popped up as it tried to load which referred to the too many Elements.

I brute-forced combining (via Union) the Paths that you seemed to want to have grouped, ending up with only 20 paths. This version did NOT have the Elements error message and the individual lines were all able to be selected and moved around individually. Included it here for you if you need it.

I’d never encountered that Elements error before so this was a good learning opportunity. Thanks! :grinning:

File is just above this line (that thumbnail is tough to see!)

Change the size parameters and problem solved.

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yes, it was super easy to type. once he told me that it needed to see rectangles I realized that what I needed to do was put back the box I made to size the objects and just make it not cuttable. when I did that glowforge had no problem with it.


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