Can't wait for double sided engraving

I’m really looking forward to the double sided engraving capability. When I used to work in a print shop I always had trouble remembering how to put down the paper for manual duplex. Of course, when I was in a print shop, all I had to do was pull another sheet of paper from the pile. In this case the sheet cost $12 and had to be painted and let dry on both sides.

Overall it’s been a good learning experience using the laser at the makerspace I just joined.


If im worried about proper placement, I usually just throw a few strips of painters tape down on the bed and run a quick outline of the thing I want to cut/engrave, then put it the material right in the outline, works pretty well. would be nice to not have to do this though =P


Yeah, lasers seem to be teaching me expensive lessons. But I’m learning!


Highly recommended! It gives you access to not just the hardware but usually some other folks who know how to use them. You can often scare one up for questions/suggestions. When I’m at my MS someone will ask about a project about half the time. I’ll drop by just to see what other folks are doing just for inspiration or pick up a tip or two. I also like being able to use other mediums like vinyl cutting on the big format cutter and then using those as accents or inlays on a laser project.

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I’ll be super excited if two sided engraving can be made to work. If the camera can effectively interpret a shape and adjust engrave and cuts to match that would be fantastic. If it doesn’t work, it’s still completely doable. In the past I’ve built index tables that remain fixed to the bed of the laser and act as a hard guide for parts to be placed, so either way, it’s going to happen.