Canvas boards?



Just ordered some of these for an idea I have, then got to wondering if these might be laserable? I’m guessing it would depend on the glue used to adhere the fabric to the wood? For only $1 apiece, could be some ideas for future laser projects.


The only potential problem I see is that they say the wood might be pine…very sappy wood that pops and has a lot of resin. Might flame up or cause a mess.

(We’ve got nothing but pine down here and it don’t work in fireplaces.) :grimacing:


Not sure what your idea is, but this other type is definitely laserable:


Not sure of the effect you would be going for. If you primed the canvas with a nice thick coat of gesso, and then layed color down, I would think you could then engrave back down to gesso. Might be able to dial in different levels/layers of color? Or cut stencils in place.


I’ve seen on the Facebook boards painting with spray paint then just etching it away. You could lay down color and do sort of like those papers with color printed underneath and black coating that you scrap away the design…but with a laser…lol


when i was little i used to cover a sheet of paper with crayon or colored pencils, usually the latter, in all sorts of weird concentric circles and fireworks. then i’d color over the whole thing with black crayon, and etch away the drawings with a butter knife. lots of fun for kids.


But…but it smells sooo goooood!


Makes a nice outdoor fire…good for weenie roasting and marshmallow toasting. :relaxed:


Good thought about the type of wood. Hadn’t considered that.

@scatterbrains…I saw that post when she wrote it and had forgotten all about that. Thanks for the reference

I’m not sure yet, either! But, thanks for the suggestions. Actually, I was thinking of lasering pieces all the way through…cutting stuff out and maybe using it to make something else. All very nebulous thought process right now.

@smcgathyfay and @jrnelson…both very similar ideas. I remember doing the black crayon thing when I was a kid, too. I love the concept of etching something…

Thanks to all for your input. I’m guessing that whatever I do, I would need to mask it first. When and if I ever do anything like this, you’ll be the first to know, after me. :smiley:


Oh I see a multI panel Batman mural coming!


Probably not a problem. They’re usually pretty clear pine and bone dry. Never had problems with it (but not specifically these boards) before I switched over to primarily using Baltic Birch and other hardwoods.


That’s good to know - I wasn’t sure if we could get away with lasering pine. :relaxed: