Canvas Cut Out (Night Light Frame)



Lay a framed canvas face down and laser away!


Out-o-likes! :+1:


I’ve got canvases and LEDs at the office!! The laser would seal the edges so no freyed parts😀 I know what I’m doing tomorrow on my off day…lol


What a great idea. So much easier with a GF/laser and easy to make them much more intricate.


That is awesome and totally in line with some of my bigger creative endeavors! Thanks :smile:


Yes! I had plans to laser cut canvas, but to use it as a light screen is a new concept. Thanks!


Most canvas is cotton or linen, if I remember correctly. Cotton will not sear on the edges and will fray even when laser cut. In order to sear the edges and prevent fraying you need to have a certain level of fiber that will melt when heated. I am not sure if linen will do this or not, but I am almost certain cotton will not.


I will check your theory out when I get to my office LOL


Either way, if you paint it black like in the video I feel like that would take care of it. The utility knife that the lady in the video used certainly did not seal the edges.


Wait… you go to your office on your day off !!! I wanna work there ( I don’t like to go to my office on work days !!!)


All the cool toys are at my office…lol. And I know the boss (Me) and shes pretty cool…lol


OK now I really want to work there…


Fantastic idea…but doing it by hand looks soooo tedious! Hmm…seems like a laser would be much better. Think about the amazingly intricate designs you could do by using the Amaziograph app or Adobe Capture patterns.


I don’t know, the boss is cool and all but she’s a real bitch when you don’t do your work LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am using a cheap canvas from Walmart. It has a lot of slack. This would most likely work better with a properly stretched canvas. Or maybe put a stiffening layer on the back before cutting.

Not bad though. Doesn’t look like it frayed, and once it’s sprayed it should hold.

I sprayed a layer of sealer on the back and then sprayed the front with black paint and then weighed it down to straighten it out.
This is what creative weighing down is in my office LOL

Ok…so the attempt at post cut stiffening didn’t work and got all sorts of stuck even on release paper…and, well, I got frustrated and ruined it…:smirk::scream:

Round 2…

Coated back with glue…
Unfortunatly, it needs to dry overnight, so…
To be continued…


Was in Target yesterday getting cat food. There is a craft section that has small frames like this, unfinished. Also some 12"x12" cork sheets. Always looking for materials.


Walmart canvas 8"x10" 2 for like $4


Wow! Thanks for trying this out! Looks very promising. For a design like that, maybe glue in a translucent piece of rice paper or something. The design in the video was made with all straight cuts and no parts that can flop around, so that’s another option.


Yeah, I was thinking glue something in. I would have gone for the mylar, but rice paper works…


I’ve got loads of mylar…lol. My primary business is laser cut mylar stencils.:wink: May I’ll try that…