Canvas dust cover for Glowforge Pro

Hey I got a nice dust cover for a Glowforge Pro up on eBay if anybody is looking. Auction ends July 9th 2020. I got it from AJVince (aka SpaceForActivities on Etsy) and used it for maybe two weeks - it’s in like new condition. It’s navy blue canvas. {If you want another color hit AJVince up on Etsy! He’s great!} Anyhow here’s an opportunity to get one for cheap -

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This reminded me of a quote I read on here one time, “A Glowforge that needs a cover is not used enough.” It made me laugh then, and I had to chuckle again as I thought of it.

Thanks for the link, and welcome to the community!


(That was me… I resisted posting that here…)


I thought it was you! But, I couldn’t find the post to link to it, so I didn’t want to call you out on it…


In my case, the Glowforge wasn’t ever used at all because every unit I was shipped was defective. Since the units seem to break so easily a dust cover seemed like a good idea if other tools are being used in the same space.

I had problems with my first one too, but I had fallen in love with it before it broke (I even asked if I could pay extra for an upgrade to a Pro since I was sending it back anyway!) But now it seems to be working like a champ! (…but it was a “no” on the upgrade…)

Mine is just a hobby machine, but I love creating new and impressive designs with it.


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