Canvas Shoes - and a dog!

My daughter saw laser printed shoes and wanted a pair with our dog on them.

With some trepidation, I bought a cheap but purportedly 100% cotton canvas pair from Amazon ($20 ish) and posterized a picture of our dog in Photoshop (plus some additional modifications to the JPG, mostly to create a high contrast black and white conversion of the original image). (Note: It could be a real problem if the shoes are not 100% cotton; I felt pretty good about this pair as they feel like cotton canvas.)

Speed = 1000
Precision Power = 40 (We tried 35, and it worked but the light areas of the design weren’t sufficiently etched for my DD.)
Auto Focus Height
Crumb Tray removed

Attached image shows shoes clipped with Wonderclips to make them roughly flat. Shoe on left is etched at power = 35; Shoe on right is etched at power = 40.


Those turned out nice. A very unique pair of shoes. She should love it:-)

What a fun idea! I’ve seen folks commenting that when they engrave on denim they then stick interfacing to the backside to give the fabric a longer life - that might work well on the shoes too (though a big tougher to get attached) and allow you to engrave even darker :slight_smile:

If a small percentage is plastic, it can work better as the burning weakens the cotton but the melting seals it against breakage though too much and it makes a single hard piece.

Those might have been mine. GF likes to post that one a lot. The settings I used were 600 speed, 20 power, 270 LPI