Captain America #1

I commissioned @wenning08 to make me the super Mario and Batman comic book covers and figured I might give it a try myself. I’d say I got the technique down. Thanks for the inspiration! Made this on PG cherry. I did get a bit of charring as my PG settings haven’t been engraving deep through the masking, so I had to make up my own settings. I’ll try my next comic book cover with a bit more speed and a tiny bit less power.



Turned out great. Glad to see you got it down.

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Captain America.
Punching Nazis in the face since 1941!


Lovely! You’ve really got some nice variation of greys there.

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Turned out really awesome!

Out of interest, how long did that take to engrave?

70 minutes

Just out of curiosity, what settings did you use for this,
This is Awesome by the way.

Hmmm I’ll check later when at my PC. It was fun to make!

Friendly reminder: Non-PG settings can only be discussed in the Beyond the Manual section. The thread can be moved there, but for whatever reason (doesn’t make sense to me, since it’s my favorite section), some posters object to that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is PG Cherry :slight_smile:

Then as long as you used the standard PG cherry settings, it’s all good. :wink: